Rachel Barnard

Rachel Barnard is a teaching specialist in the chemistry group in the Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University. She has a masters and doctorate in chemistry from the University of Michigan. During her post-doc at the University of Michigan, she was a part of an effort to work across seven science and math departments to incorporate evidence-based instructional practices. At LBC, Rachel teaches the two-semester General Chemistry lab and lecture course series (LB 171 / 171L / 172 / 172L) and oversees 40 Undergraduate Learning Assistants. In her courses, students explore the fundamental ideas and practices of chemistry. Recent curriculum development projects have included incorporating more scaffolded opportunities to develop particulate-level reasoning and metacognition in the lecture courses. Rachel works to include the Undergraduate Learning Assistants as authentic members of our learning community as we make curriculum revisions together. Her research interests span socialization in doctoral education and learning assistant’s participation in students’ learning processes.