About 3DL4US

3-Dimensional Learning for Undergraduate Science (3DL4US) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional collaborative project.

Guided by the principles of 3-dimensional learning (3DL), we aim to transform teaching and learning of science at the university level. This project began at Michigan State University in 2013 and has since expanded to three other institutions: Florida International University, Grand Valley State University, and Kansas State University. While we initially focused on introductory courses that served as the “gateway” for students to reach more specialized courses related to their intended degrees or careers, we are now broadening our scope to include upper-level courses.

Major Products: 3-Dimensional Learning Assessment and Observation Protocols

We have developed tools to evaluate course materials (particularly assessments, such as exams) and classroom teaching to measure the degree to which they embody 3-dimensional learning. These protocols serve two purposes:

  1. To measure change over time in assessment and teaching practices in science courses
  2. To empower instructors to self-assess their own assessment and teaching practices

Assessment Protocol

The 3-Dimensional Assessment Protocol (3DLAP) provides guidelines to evaluate assessment items’ potential to elicit engagement with each of the three dimensions: scientific practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts. The 3DLAP is available at PLOS ONE: “Characterizing College Science Assessments: The Three-Dimensional Learning Assessment Protocol“.

Observation Protocol

The 3-Dimensional Learning Observation Protocol (3DLOP) is a tool to characterize the extent to which instructors engage their classes in 3D learning. The 3DLOP is available at PLOS ONE: “Characterizing College Science Instruction: The Three-Dimensional Learning Observation Protocol“.