Paul Hamerski

Paul Hamerski (he/him) is an Assistant Professor in the Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering (CMSE) department at Michigan State University. He got his PhD at Michigan State University, where he employed student-centered research methodologies to identify curricular challenges that impact students’ affect in computation-integrated physics classrooms. His work in CMSE involves teaching introductory computational and data science courses where students learn computational practices and applications to real world problems. His research focuses on characterizing students’ self-efficacy for doing computation and building an understanding of how computational self-efficacy can develop during CMSE 201: Introduction to Computational Modeling and Data Analysis. During the 3DL program, he intends to collaborates with Dr. Rachel Frisbie and Dr. Tom Finzell to design new ways to support students’ self-efficacy in CMSE 201 and also build robust instructor guides to strengthen the sustainability of the course.