Krystyna Kijewska

Krystyna Kijewska is an academic specialist/instructor in the Department of Chemistry and holds a Doctorate Degree of Chemistry from the University of Warsaw, Poland. Krystyna teaches courses CEM 141 (General Chemistry) and CEM 142 (General & Inorganic Chemistry). She is part of a team of instructors that apply the CLUE (Chemistry, Life, Universe and Everything) approach. The CLUE program focuses on the three-dimensional teaching and learning model – core ideas in chemistry, crosscutting concepts and scientific practices. In her lectures, she employs active learning approaches, such as active participation (iClicker questions, real-time feedback, group activities), which help students to effectively and efficiently think about presented material. During her lectures, she discourages rote memorization. Instead, she encourages students to relate concepts and theory to build and reinforce their knowledge.