Daniel Rolles

I am an assistant professor in the Physics Department at Kansas State University working in the field of experimental atomic and molecular physics and currently teaching physics classes mostly at the introductory and upper-division undergraduate level. My research uses femtosecond lasers, both traditional table-top systems in our lab at KSU as well as large-scale X-ray lasers at international research facilities like SLAC in Stanford or DESY in Hamburg/Germany, to take movies of molecules that undergo chemical reactions. By studying the motion of atoms or even individual electrons while sunlight is converted into energy or one molecules is transformed into another, I hope to contribute towards developing cleaner and more efficient energy sources and to understand some of the fundamental reactions that govern our daily life and the world around us. In teaching, my main interest currently lies in developing tools and approaches for teaching ourĀ General Physics course for non-STEM majors, which I will be taking over as lead instructor in Spring 2020. I am also interested in ways to incorporate a computational curriculum in upper-division physics classes.